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The Employee Handbook should be an essential part of any organization's infrastructure. The Employee Handbook is a valuable communication resource for both the employer and the employee. It provides guidance and information related to the organization's history, mission, values, policies, procedures, expectations of management, and benefits in a written format. It is also viewed as a means of protecting the employer against discrimination or unfair treatment claims. 

We create a custom electronic Employee Handbook that is compliant with federal and state law. 

Some of the policies include the following:
·     Dress Code
·     Workplace Violence
·     Social Media
·     Leave of Absence
·     Communications
·     Sexual Harassment
·     Non-Harassment
·     Equal Employment Opportunity
·     Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace
·     Employee Classifications
·     Employment Records
·     Solicitation and Destruction
·     Employee Conduct
·     Work Hours and Schedule
·     Punctuality and Attendance 
Many more polices and procedures included!
Custom Employee Handbook:
·     Black Friday Sale Price $2,000
·     Regular Price: $4,000

*Please include an accurate email address and phone number so we may contact you to customize your handbook. 
"Chief of Minds has become an integral part of our organization. They have provided outstanding guidance and support for both our human resources and business departments. The level of professionalism of the Chief of Minds staff is second to none. As a leader of an organization with over 300 employees and 3,000 students, it is reassuring to have such a highly skilled company supporting our business operations. Chief of Minds has provided a wealth of HR knowledge and experience that has helped our organization establish a solid foundation and positive growth trajectory."

Dr. Michelle Clayton, Superintendent 
University View Academy
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