20 Free Tools to Use in Your Business

Having the right tools in place can make building and running your business much easier. Whether you work from home or in an office these tool/apps will prove to be useful.
  1. Trello – A project management system that uses cares as a way to manage each project. Perfect to use yourself or as a team. www.Trello.com
  2. Dropbox – A secure file sharing/storage solution. Allows you to share and access folders, large or small without having to share your password. www.dropbox.com
  3. Evernote – A note system and document sharing app that allows you to stay organized across all of your devices.www.evernote.com
  4. Buffer – A social management tool that allows you to schedule and post to all of your social management platforms. www.buffer.com
  5. Toggl – Time tracking system that is built for speed and easy to use. It is perfect for anyone that uses hourly billing. www.toggl.com
  6. Hootsuite – A popular social media management dashboard that allows you to schedule and post to your favorite social media platform. www.hootsuite.com
  7. Thrive – A solo project management, time tracking, and invoicing system for freelancers. www.thrivesolo.com
  8. Skype – Make free live calls and video chat with team members, clients or family no matter where they are. www.skype.com
  9. Square – Credit Card Reader. A card reader system you can take anywhere and accept payments on the go. www.squareup.com
  10. Mailchimp – An email marketing solution that allows you to send newsletters, email, campaigns, and manage your subscribers. It’s even available on mobile devices. www.mailchimp.com
  11. Asana – A project management tool for managing productivity and collaboration with team members. Allows you to organize tasks, projects and assign responsibilities. www.asana.com
  12. Boomerang – For use with Gmail users. Schedule emails with an automatic service. www.boomeranggmail.com
  13. Every Time Zone – Time Zone app that makes it easy to schedule meetings with team members or clients, spread across the country. www.everytimezone.com
  14. Docady – Convert your Smartphone into a scanner and organize and categorize your documents. www.docady.com
  15. Canva – An online platform with templates to help you design social media postings, documents, workbooks, etc. www.canva.com
  16. Sunrise – A calendar and planner that allows you to schedule & respond to invites. It will also integrate with other apps like Google, Calendar, Evernote, and Facebook. http://calendar.sunrise.am/
  17. Expensify – A hassle-free expense reporting tool without the hassle of dealing with a bunch of paper receipts. www.expensify.com
  18. Hellosing – Electronically sign documents with this easy to use tool. HelloSign allows you to send and sign legally binding documents securely from all of your devices. www.hellosign.com
  19. Draft – Allows your team to write, edit and view documents together no matter where they are. www.draftin.com
  20. Google Drive & Google Docs – Allows you to create, edit, store and share files.
    www.google.com/drive , www.google.com/docs
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