4 Reasons to Process Background Checks & Drug Screenings When Hiring

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Chief of Minds
August 26, 2022

When it comes to verifying a job candidate's good character and honesty, your detailed job interviews just won’t cut it. For more in-depth and reliable research that aligns with the position you are filing, a pre-employment background check and drug screen are required! A new survey from CareerBuilder found that 56% of the 2,500 hiring managers who participated caught their job candidates lying on their resumes, and according to the annual Quest Diagnostics report of workforce drug screenings, there are extremely increased rates of drug positive test results for the most common illicit drugs across virtually all specimen types. A background check can provide discrepancies on an application and drug screenings can weed out potential drug users or dealers.Here are the four main reasons you never want to overlook background checks and drug screenings when hiring:

Maintain Safety

Unscrupulous and intoxicated employees can be prone to violence, stealing money or products, harassment violations, and other disruptive or criminal acts. As a trusted employer, your employees and clients count on you to properly protect them from such threatening, high-risk situations while in your care. Using pre-employment tactics, like background checks and drug screenings, can collectively help you demonstrate responsibility in building a trustworthy team and safe environment.

Uphold Reputation

Customers trust that companies have hired employees who are attentive, have integrity, verified credentials, and look out for their best interests. Through this trust, company’s build good customer service and the foundation of their reputation. However, if background checks and drug screenings are never done and a customer feels as if they can no longer trust transactions with your company, your reputation will begin to fall apart due to issues that could have possibly been avoided during the hiring stage.

Avoid Future Costs

Having to replace an employee due to crime-related or drug-related issues that could have been identified via a background check or drug screening is costly. An employer will suffer the cost of losing productivity with a sudden vacant position and the cost and time of management’s recruiting efforts for his or her replacement. Not to mention, if this disqualified employee has stolen products or involved the company in a legal suit with a client, there can be even more unforeseen costs involved.

Rid Poor Employee Performance

Employees who show red flags of criminal or dangerous behaviors or who are hooked on illegal drugs are more likely to perform poorly on the job. They may come into work late, be frequently absent, work slowly, be disrespectful and moody, submit unacceptable work, cause accidents, and even abruptly change jobs. Implementing drug screenings and background checks can add to an employers efforts to build a credible, productive, and fully engaged team.

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